One of my favorite things about being an editor is working with writers of all levels to help them fully express their ideas. I’ve nurtured first-time writers as well as edited the work of established authors such as Ann Bauer, Susan Choi, Jodi Picoult, Marina Budhos, Katie Roiphe, Lucinda Rosenfeld, Nina de Gramont, Emily Listfield, and many others. Need an expert eye on your work? Contact me at jeannie (at) jeanniek (dot) com for rates and more information.


Manuscript editing and coaching

I offer services ranging from basic copyediting and proofreading for continuity and clarity to in-depth editing and ongoing coaching. Depending on your needs, I can help you:

  1. Find your voice and conquer writer’s block

  2. Cut through mental and on-page clutter and unearth the heart of your message

  3. Give you constructive criticism to refine structure and story

  4. Streamline your sentences and make your words sing

  5. Position and pitch your work to agents and editors

I specialize in nonfiction, memoir and autobiography, and young adult fiction and nonfiction.

Magazine pitch consulting

After 15 years as an editor and writer for many of the biggest consumer magazines on the market, I know the difference between a pitch that jumps off the page and begs to be published and one that gets a form rejection. I can help you target publications, refine pitches, and tap into my extensive network of magazine contacts.


You’ve got a great idea; I can help you make it happen. I will work with you to get your memoir or nonfiction work on paper, in your words and your voice.

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“Jeannie has a quiet brilliance and generous spirit that brings out the best in people with whom she works. She is a consummate editor and professional who can guide the creative process from start to finish with the utmost sensitivity and an unflinching eye for detail.”

Ylonda Gault Caviness
Writer; former producer, NBC Universal;
former editor, Essence

“The world of publishing truly can be divided into two groups: there are editors who ride roughshod over writers, and those who coax out your best, most authentic work. Jeannie is definitely in the latter group.”

Ann Bauer
Author, A Wild Ride Up the Cupboards; contributor,